Why and where do those little buggers disappear to?

I don’t know how many of you have experienced this scenario;
You empty your pockets or your purse and low and behold there’s a crystal in there that you forgot you even had. Or you put your crystals  on your side table or night table before you go to sleep and when you wake up, one appears to be missing, No matter where you look around the table, underneath the bed you can’t find it. At that point you may even suspect your cat took it. But after pausing you realize that you don’t have a cat. If you’re a crystal lover or a collector you know they can go missing from a locked box!

Where do those little buggers go?

Crystals are said to be record keepers, they are the watchers and the ancient ones. They mark the passage of time and the ways of life around them.
Does that mean that they have to take off and go report somewhere like a Nature download?

tumbled stones
I’d  like to think that they’re just another life form sharing this planet, they are a completely seperate species replete with thousands of sub-species. I don’t think that pet rocks were a ridiculous idea either for that matter. I’ve lived with crystals and gemstones for many years and I have to say that sometimes we have completely seperate lives and often go seperate ways! Before I start make a jewelry piece (few and far between these days) I put out a silent all calls bulletin to my stones that I need them to come back and be placed in a piece for a person that needs their special skills. I swear that if I don’t, I won’t find any of the stones I need. The thing is…..They appear! Yep, they appear on jewellery bench where once there was nothing. If I start on a piece and it’s clear that they won’t be used they sometimes disappear again too.

Don’t question it. I certainly don’t.

I believe that they go off and lend their energies where needed until I need them to be present  for someone else. Sometimes I’d swear that the stone that came back isn’t the same one I had originally!
Furthermore if you silently ask for a stone to appear that will help you in some way, it’ll come , If you need it and believe in their magic of course; they will appear. You’ll practically fall over it repeatedly appearing in the oddest places. . Sometimes you don’t even know you need it when it does appear!

Have you ever been to a flea market or bazaar maybe a gem show or a street vendor and for some reason you just couldn’t pull yourself away from a stone or crystal piece? That is the stone calling your name. I’m not talking about a big fat shiny diamond, I mean a stone that you’re attracted to for no particular reason at all. PICK UP THAT STONE! It wants to go home with you and it will either benefit you or hitchhike with you to another soul in need of it’s (his? her?) help.

And about those beach stones…


Yeah, they may not be shiny but they have a place in your pocket too. Some of them are semi precious too, clear to see if they had a good polish. Where I live there are chunks of amethyst and quartz all over the rock beach if you know what you’re looking for. Just think. They’ve may have tumbled off of a mountain or sat in a stream for hundreds of years. The things they must have seen and the tales they have to tell!

Now don’t go loading your pockets down but they do make great companions and beautiful additions to your decor, Try putting a few in your potted plants or some on your shelves or in the bath, .

Just don’t count on all of them staying around all the time….

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