The Fall/Winter schedule is here!

Soul Studio

Welcome to the Soul Studio

My philosophy is that through creative expression, we all expand, grow and heal. I want to share my Art and Soul Studio, my home, my knowledge, and my craft, here by the river in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Soul Jewelry

Here at the Soul Studio, I make holistic healing tools hidden behind jewelry. I incorporate unique crystals and their properties into powerful and beautiful pieces using copper, silver, and other metals.

Have you considered bringing to life in metal and crystal a talisman or symbol that you love? If you’d like to order a custom designed piece contact me.

Healing Aromatherapy

My love for all things natural led to a Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy.
One of the things I love to create are healing aromatherapy creams and potions. The foundation of all of my creams is beginning with  deep penetrating base and using oils from sources where they are grown under ethically, chemical free conditions.

Try a jar of Free Flow for you aching muscles and sore feet. The response has been incredible. For colds and flus, congestion, cuts and scrapes and more try Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves.

Creative and Unique Workshops

Our beautiful surroundings here at the Soul Studio promote relaxation and release even before a workshop begins.

Art Sessions are based on creating projects, crafts, and artwork that boost the spirit, body, and mind. You might find yourself designing a vision board, mixing magic beauty elixirs, or personalizing pots to house your seeds and plants.

At the Soul Studio everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and skill level. I welcome creative guests for open studio or private sessions so you can work on your creations when it is convenient for you.

A significant part of our workshop menu deals with mindfulness, self awareness, team building and development. Along with our soul sisters at Chilled Chicks, and Iridescent Wings, we facilitate the art portion of retreats and seminars in studio.

Ti’s Art & Soul Studio is a community and every session provides our guests with an opportunity to share ideas, meet new people, or interact with old friends in a new setting.