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We provide design services for social media, logos, and marketing materials

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Our creative gatherings are loads of fun and often enlightening

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Our organic products are designed to soothe…

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We have a carefully curated collection of one of a kind jewellery pieces.

One of a kind designs



You always feel better at The Soul Studio.

“It’s more than just a place, it’s a state of mind.” ~Mama Ti


The Soul Studio state of mind is relaxed, creative, and content. You’ll feel encouraged to explore and experiment with different media.

Play is the operative word.



The Soul Studio vibe motivates you to get artsy, have fun and let go in the company of other creative spirits.

Whatever your experience or skill level you’ll feel right at home at the Soul Studio instantly.


Welcome Home!


They call me Mama Ti.


I’m a graphic designer, multimedia artist, and teacher. 


I’ve been a student of creative holistic therapies for over two decades and counting.


I took all of that and combined them with my artistic nature to develop tools that feed the mind, body and soul.


My directive is to help people feel good.


Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, 

The Soul Studio is a place where people can express themselves

creatively and joyfully,


Whether it’s easing the burden of a client trying to navigate design options, holding gatherings and workshops or crafting

all natural products to soothe a sore body and a weary mind

~ I love my job!



Social media covers, posts, ads, a great logo?


Who has the time to run their business and keep up with all the social media demands?

Cutting edge graphics, personal service and and an artist’s eye is what you get when I collaborate with you to create a look that represents your unique business.

I love working with entrepreneurs who have a dream in their mind that they want to create.

As a business owner, you just don’t have the time to spend learning how to make professional marketing materials because you’re too busy juggling all the other things that need your attention.

My job is to remove that added stress from your plate.



We all need to feel soul healthy.


You want to explore your creativity, you want to ease your tired muscles, maybe play a little and have some fun.

You want to go out in the world feeling boosted not defeated, more relaxed and less stressed.

You want to explore your talents, but you don’t even know where to start. Most of all you want to feel loved, cared for and lighter in Spirit.

…..and you want to explore who you are when you feel free to and dare  to express yourself joyfully.



Mother Nature is the ultimate healer

Essential oils are the the life blood of the plant and organic world that is our home here on earth.

We’re so blessed with healing plants, herbs, resin, and grasses that are almost magical when they’re combined to form something completely new. The effectiveness of a well designed essential oil blend cannot be understated.

Have you ever prepared a meal and declared that it was going to be delicious, knowing in the back of your mind that the decree was going to make it come wonderfully true?

Sweet Ti products are made with a healing declaration, and it works!

Potent Earth crystals and gemstones accentuate your personal powers


Crystals and gemstones are holistic healing tools hidden within jewelry.

I use unique crystals and employ their properties in unique designs.

They transform into powerful amulets and talismen; beautiful pieces using copper, silver, and other metals in a fusion of beauty and power.

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